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T-Shirt & Memory Quilts


Each quilt, through squares of clothing, photos, and other textile elements, tells a personal story. It's a way to recycle t-shirts or clothing into a large and cozy quilt to remember life's milestones or someone special. 

T-Shirt Quilts

Memory Quilts


There are many layout and boarder options available for T-Shirt Quilts, but, when it comes to YOUR T-Shirt Quilt, it should be customized to you and your shirts. At your consultation, we talk about how many shirts to use, layout options, color schemes, backing materials, top stitching, overall size, and budget. Most clients come with shirts of various sizes and materials, so when designing the quilt we also discuss stabilizer options to preserve your shirts. Your finished quilt is a reflection of the person that collected all those shirts and a timeless memory capsule.

A tangible way to hold onto the memories of a loved one who has passed is through a Memory Quilt.  My custom Memory Quilt are designed in conjunction with my clients so that we may capture the essence of spirit of the person who has passed.  Just about any piece of personal clothing or special textile can be incorporated into a Memory Quilt, as can fabric printed photos, logos from ball caps, or other special patches.  Each custom quilt has the option of attaching a personalized label on the reverse side.

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