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My Story

I am a fiber artist.  I am a painter.  I am a recycler.  I am a lover of color. 

And I strive to incorporate all of the above into my artwork.


I do not have any formal training as an artist, an engineer is fully embedded inside of me…but I also inherited a love of all things artistic and a talent to bring out the ideas in my head.  I take the time to address that part of me that wants the engineer perfection with the mess of the abstract artist. The conflict combined. I love to create, to try new things and develop my own processes.  I like to combine paints, textiles, fibers, recycled papers, hand stitching and machine quilting to make unique art quilts, fiber sculptures, original fiber art paintings as well as abstract works in acrylic, inks and watercolors.  I like to incorporate reclaimed and recycled materials in my pieces.  I accept commissions for custom artwork and have had many pieces accepted and noted for awards in local Juried Art Shows.

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