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Fiber Art & Sculptures

Combining a love for
textiles and recycled fibers.

I like to combine paints, textiles, fibers, recycled papers, reclaimed wires, hand stitching and machine quilting to make unique art quilts, fiber sculptures and original fiber art paintings. I predominantly use reclaimed and recycled materials in my pieces.  I accept commissions for custom artwork and have had several pieces accepted and honored in local Juried Art Shows.


Tapestry Art Quilts

Figurative Abstracts

Fiber Sculptures

Layers of hand dyed recycled fabrics, painted fabrics, reclaimed yarns, scrap fibers, recycled wools and other textiles, are stitched together to create a multidimensional piece.

Figurative abstracts in watercolor on recycled paper are layered with recycled fibers and textiles and enhanced with inks for a modern presentation on minimalist mixed media.

Fiber sculptures use reclaimed wires for the base and then are layered in loose and hardened recycled fibers and textiles for a unique 3D piece of art.  

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